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Sam Certo

Governing Elder, Chairman

Dr. Certo's professional career has focused on learning as much as possible about how successful businesses and other organizations operate, and sharing what he has learned with others. His sharing comes through published business textbooks, articles, classes with students, workshops with executives, and engagements with clients. Dr. Certo's most recent thrust has focused on exploring biblical wisdom and its role in spawning successful organizations. His major premise is that integrating both business and biblical principles in leading organizations increases the probability that those organizations will be successful. His most recent book, Chasing Wisdom: Finding Everyday Leadership in Business and Life" discusses this concept in detail. He is currently teaching a program at Northland called "Godly Wisdom for Business." The Certo family has been attending Northland for many years. Dr. Certo focuses on discipling leaders in businesses and organizations of all types."