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Dan Hardaway

Church Mobilization Director CRU/City Church Movements

Dan Hardaway
serves as
Church Mobilization Director CRU/City Church Movements
at Northland Church.

Our background: Dan and Lorraine Hardaway have been on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ since 1983. They met in Charlotte, North Carolina, where they were married in 1985. They are blessed to have two sons and two daughters, three of whom are married. So far, they have three grandchildren.

Dan has directed Strategic Partnerships for the Campus Ministry. He has innovated various projects for the Campus Ministry that have launched hundreds of campuses and touched literally millions of students’ lives.

In 2012, Dan was challenged to move to the President's office to work for one of the Global Vice Presidents, Dr. Bekele Shanko. Dan's role with Dr. Shanko was to provide resources for their ministry and various mission organizations to help them launch multiplying churches around the world. By mission organizations and denominations working together, their goal is to help unchurched people find their church home. At the same time, Dan was coaching Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia in this effort. He also began building the Global Alliance for Church Multiplication. Now over 100 ministries are working together. Since 2010 - 2020 these ministries have planted over 2.3 million churches. 

Since the GACX grew, Dan got a burden to see the US churches grow and multiply. Based on what he learned, he was challenged to be a part of the National Team for Cru - City Church Movements. Every year about 4000 churches close in the US. The church in the US is shrinking by 2.5 million people each year.  "We are trying to turn this trend around. We are trusting God to plant 160,000 churches and missional communities here in the US." 

Lorraine serves as a Director for Cru's National Conference. She is teaching staff how to be effective in customer service. She also directs a team to run/walk a Corporate 5k for Cru in Orlando and directs the Aruna Run 5k at our staff conference for our ministry, as well as managing the home. Overall, she helps keeps missionaries focused on the mission. 

Dan and Lorraine joined Northland in 1991. They continue to be involved in the Young Disciples class and have mentored over 30 engaged couples, and Dan serves as a governing elder. Each of his kids went with Dan on a distributed journey with Northland when they turned 15.