Every Beat

Life Rhythms of the Psalms


The Psalms provide a voice for our hearts and rhythm for our journeys. This ancient collection of songs identifies with the immense variety of emotions, dilemmas, challenges and opportunities we experience on a daily basis. Their lyrics provide a language with which we can whisper or celebrate, sob or shout—enabling us to intimately relate with God while authentically connecting with our stories. From laments to praises, the Psalms reverberate with a beat buried deep within us, freeing our souls to find rhythms of hope, conviction, rest and grace.Central to Christ’s call to follow Him is a summons to be conformed to His image of humanity as it was originally intended; becoming fully alive to the glory of God. While on that journey as redeemed human beings, we need to relearn this forgotten soul language and recover these neglected rhythms. As a Christ-following, Life-giving community, we must echo these cadences and sing these songs with one another. We need to taste the syllables on our tongues and hear the restorative beat of His song within our hearts.The Psalms inspire and equip us to take a lingering, unflinching look at the highs and lows of life; to sing a soul song, to dance to a drumbeat that echoes the gratitude, questions, fears, anxieties, hopes and renewed vision that is in our hearts as men and women who have been called to the Way, Truth and Life of the Gospel.