Prayer is not just about asking God for help. Prayer also offers a unique opportunity to invite others to ask God for help on our behalf. Lift some of these requests up to God during your prayer time today.

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Prayer Requests


April 28

Please pray for my sister who just gave birth to my nephew and was moved to intensive care unit now. I don’t know why. Please also pray for my nephew and my brother in law.

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Heather McCorquodale

April 28

My name is Heather mccorquofale me and my brother and my 2 kids came here to Florida from Michigan about 6 weeks ago and I had 4500 when I got here and I called all sorts of places to rent and nobody would rent to me cause I needed a month or two of employment income right now me and my kids are...

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peggy fan

April 28

Please pray as my daughter visiting this Fri., til May 7. May the Lord bless our time, communications: and for healing. May she experience God’s love for her. and grace to respond.

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Richard Rome

April 28

My sister, Suzi, has been diagnosed with basil cell cancer on her face. We pray for wisdom for the doctors and healing for Suzi. Thank you for your prayers.

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David Figueroa

April 28

Dear Lord, Help me get closer to you Lord. I feel like I’m so far away from you and I want you in my life and my families life. Please forgive me of my sins and help me make good decisions on a daily basis. In Jesus name. Amen

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need prayer

April 27

Lord, soften Miguel’s heart, give us a new beginning together. Show me th way to conquer his heart, gain his trust, once again. Bring me back to his memories. I wish deep in my heart, he will be th very last man I’ve been with. For me, th thought to marry Miguel, its almost impossible. I pray to th...

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Jackie Drake

April 27

I am asking for my friend Terry Fordham whose daughter was just told she has cervic cancer. She is asking for all prayers for her daughter Michelle Napier who has a daughter Jamie, who is I think 13 years old. Thanks and God Bless Jackie

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Faith White

April 26

Please pray for me. I stayed at a extended stay hotel in Daytona Beach for almost 2 months and I was way over charged. I got my bill today and knew that something was wrong. I had some issues with the manager there. Please pray that there is someone there that is honest; so that I can get it...

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