Pharisee and the Tax Collector (Sermon Only)

with Pastor Reggie White

We all want to be right. The desire is deeply embedded in us, but how can we be right with God? In this parable, we are reminded that instead of seeking God's righteousness, we often go about seeking self righteousness. Will we insist on making ourselves right or will we allow God to make us right? 

Sermon text: Luke 18:9-14 
Scriptures referenced: Luke 11:42, Romans 10:1-3

As Seen In Worship:
“Not only do we tend to keep score by comparing ourselves to others, but we tend to do it in the most self-serving ways. When it comes to affluence or wealth for instance, we chronically compare ourselves with those just a little better off. This keeps us from gratitude. It also keeps our eyes off people who are under resourced so we don't think about our need to share. On the other hand, when it comes to ethical behavior we all tend to compare ourselves to people we perceive to be lower than us in the morality ratings. We tend to make our ethical benchmark someone who is a little less moral than ourselves to give ourselves a high score on integrity.”
– John Ortburg (From the Book: Once The Game Is Over Everything Goes Back In The Box)

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