Someday Is Today - Brazil

withKasey & Christian

This distributed journey team utilized soccer as a way to share the Gospel in Brazil. This year’s soccer trip is June 14-24. For more info...


Miracle in Peru

withConnie Kunkle

Connie saw a young girl in a parade in Peru with eye problems. Two years later, after much praying, several “coincidences” and successful...


Real Community

withThom Willis

One of our elders, Thom Willis, describes community from the time he first came to Northland 30 years ago.


“The Pain Was Like a Knife”

withDoug Hill

Facing only hours to live, Doug and Lisa Hill turn to prayer and their church family to sustain them. An amazing story about God’s healing...


We Write So We Can Remember

withNathan and Jenn Clark

Jenn and Nathan Clark spend time with God and His Word by writing out the Bible into journals.


The Heart of Worship

withRandall Loy

Dr. Randall and Julie Loy describe what worship is to them, showing God’s love and a glimpse of what heaven may be like.


A Heart for Louisiana

withTerri Goulette

In April 2010, the oil spill in Louisiana left hundreds out of work. Terri Goulette, along with Northland, felt moved to have a backpack...


Extending Families: Four Stories


God leads four different families in four different ways to open their hearts, homes and arms to children in need.