Free From Drug Addiction

withAJ Fowinkle

A.J. Fowinkle tells the story of how he came to Christ after being homeless and in jail because of his drug addictions.


Finding fullness in God


Mary Lou Caskey shares her story of how she used food for comfort after tragedies in her life. She then learned how to turn the comfort she...


Freed From Pornography

withMartin Woodlee

Martin Woodlee experienced a miracle when God freed him from his pornography addiction.


Journey To Cuba

withDistributed Journeys

During a distributed journey to Cuba, Dusty Cooper, Sean Cooper, Pastor Vernon Rainwater and many others experience the growth of the...


Freed From Gambling

withGeorge Pihakis

Dr. Hunter interviews George Pihakis who overcame his addiction to gambling.


Someday Is Today - Bosgraafs

withMichelle and Hannah Bosgraaf

Michelle and Hannah Bosgraaf headed to Ukraine to help orphans. Little did they know that it would lead to a major life change for them.


Peace in the Face of Cancer

withJohn and Diane Dowhy

John and Diane stressed about money before taking the FPU course. When they found out that John had colon cancer, they knew they would be...


Everything We Owned Was Gone

withHall Family

Dan and Kathy Hall’s home was destroyed by fire. Losing everything helped them realize what really is important in life.


Someday is Today - Marianne Testa

withMarianne Testa

Marianne Testa chose not to let tragedy keep her from living a full life. Instead she focused on God and He helped provide a way for her to...