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Laurie Groves

Senior Worship Producer

Laurie Groves is a coordinator and producer for the Worship department. Laurie holds a degree in music education from the University of Northern Colorado. She has taught schoolchildren of all ages, and as a vocalist has performed in musical theater and as a Disney employee. Her role at Northland includes teaching singers their music, forming individuals into a choir or worship team, helping the team lead in worship and synchronizing the technical department's daily operations with the needs of worship and other departments. Laurie says God uses her past experiences and gift for motivating others every day. Her husband, Steve, also serves at Northland as a senior audio engineer. They have one daughter, Hannah. Laurie says her favorite part of her job is to be a part of worship, being among all the worshipers. 'When I first attended, I was struck by the way everyone would lift their voices together in the congregation. It was something I wanted to be a part of.'