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JT Almon II

Governing Elder

JT met his wife LeDonna at Northland’s 1978 barn dance.  They married in ‘79 and have been faithful partners in life and ministry ever since.  Together (with 3 small children) in 1989 they founded Rep Services, a statewide firm known among park professionals as “the experts at play and outdoor spaces”.    They have transitioned the company leadership to the next generation while remaining supportive.

The desire to follow Jesus and to encourage others to follow Him manifests in a heart for discipleship.  Most recently LeDonna serves as a bookstore volunteer and as the lead facilitator for the Monday morning and Tuesday night Women’s Bible Study groups.  JT serves as part of the prison ministries’ Tomoka Correctional Institution team, facilitator of the Community of Men gathering on Tuesday night and is regularly available to people for council, prayer or encouragement.