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John Cortines

Governing Elder

John Cortines is the Director of Generosity at the Maclellan Foundation, where he oversees efforts to inspire a worldwide movement of biblical generosity among all believers. He is passionate about biblical generosity because this has been the greatest area of discipleship growth in his own journey with Christ over the past decade, as he’s learned to walk in contentment, trust, and gratitude in personal finances. He has written two books on this topic. 

John and his wife, Megan, have been in the Northland family since 2016. They serve the Young Families ministry at Northland. John also leads the HR Committee and has preached on occasion. John and Megan have five children; three biologically and two through foster care. Their ages range from 0 to 7. John holds an MBA, MS in Geophysics, and a BS in Chemical Engineering.