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Jim Hukill

Lift Disability Network, Executive Director

Jim Hukill believes that “physical limitations” do not necessarily mean “life limitations”.

Before the age of two, Jim was diagnosed with a neuro-muscular disease, a form of Muscular Dystrophy, that has steadily weakened the muscles of his body and has left him dependent on the use of a wheelchair. However, the limitation of Jim’s physical body has not dictated the limits of his life. Jim says, “If you dream big dreams, you will live bigger realities.” With a life expectancy of less than ten years and a diagnosis of life-long respiratory problems, Jim has experienced living well beyond this early prognosis. Today, he celebrates more than five decades of “life-miracles” and bigger realities. To hear him communicate his life-experience, you quickly become aware of the vitality that resonates from every breath as you see … God’s strength ... being made perfect … in weakness.

Jim holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral Ministries and has spent the past 38 years providing inspiration, mentorship, and leadership to church communities, corporate entities, and civic organizations. Concurrently, he has represented organizations working with disabilities in both volunteer and salaried positions; serving as spokesman along with participation in development ventures. In 1998 He founded Eleos – The Care Network, Inc. an Orlando, FL a faith-based nonprofit organization with the mission to Elevate life in the Disability Family. Additionally, Jim served as the Executive Director for CCPD, a national association of Christian faith-based organizations serving the disability community. In the fall of 2006, under Jim’s leadership, these two organizations came together launching a new network that connects a global disability community-Lift Disability Network. Jim currently serves as the network's Executive Director.

With a culture looking for genuine people, Jim Hukill permits listeners to enter his moments of darkness, illustrating that life’s greatest disabilities are not the visible ones. People see a real wheelchair, with real weakness, beaming with a real Hope.

Jim enjoys sharing with his life’s journey with wife of 26 years, Rhonette.

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