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Geoff Hensley

Worship Producer

Raised in Fortville, Indiana, Geoff began to develop his passion for web and music at a very early age. Over the years, he's held many roles at Northland, beginning in 2011 as a web intern. After joining the web team, he began singing with the worship team after helping lead worship at a middle school lock-in. From there his heart was drawn toward students where he began leading high schoolers serving as leaders for middle schoolers. This crafted a unique passion to help students experience Heaven on earth, which led Geoff to become the Producer for Student Ministries. After several years of helping lead teams in visual design, music, and as creatives with Student Ministries, he joined the worship staff as the Producer to help craft distraction-free worship experiences and be a bridge of communication, where he is committed to helping people understand who God is and what He has done.