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Chad Bullock


Chad works security on a day-to-day basis, assisting with special events, concerts, services, day and night shifts and more. He takes great pride in protecting the Northland staff and congregants.

Chad moved to Florida at the age of two in 1990 and graduated from Lake Brantley High School in 2007. He then served four years in the Air Force Jr. ROTC. In 2018, Chad was hired at Northland's Nature's Table Café, where he worked for and was mentored by Mike, a devoted Christian and family man. Chad has stated, “Mr. Mike changed my life. Not just mentally but spiritually. He always put God first with all his trust, and at times where I was lost, felt misdirected, Mr. Mike would always remind me to leave it in God's hands. If it wasn't for Mr. Mike and God, I wouldn't be who I am today.”

Chad is devoted to Northland and loves the people who serve and call this place home. He also looks forward to hearing from the pastors at Northland spread the truth and share God's love. Chad and his wife, Kendall, have a son named River who was born July of 2018. Chad is also a sports fanatic—huge Orlando Magic fan, Miami Dolphins fan, and the University of Miami.