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Leader for the Landing

Do you have a heart for teens? We are looking for serious, committed, leaders for "The Landing" a program for teens.

Welcome to a grand adventure—an exciting and surprising and life-changing journey, in partnership with God. The Landing is a unique experience for teens and tweens.

It's structured as an ongoing 52-week program— based on the beatitudes where Jesus laid out principles for happiness in the sermon on the mount—for the youth who are struggling to live their lives in a healthy,God-honoring way.

Maybe they come from a dysfunctional home or have faced crises in their life. Maybe they simply need help developing patterns of wise choices, or they wrestle with an addiction of some kind. Whatever their life story, they know they need something more than a typical Sunday school class or youth group meeting. Or maybe they don't know this, but the people who love them do.

The Landing is a safe, healing place where youth can live a freer, healthier, and more God-centered life.

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