...to the Light of Life


Sleepwalking. It’s what most of us do—not just at night but every day. Going through the motions, enduring the routines, fulfilling the obligations, fighting the challenges…all the while pushing back a question gnawing at our core: “What is life for?!”

Two thousand years ago, a Galilean fisherman named Zebedee had two sons, James and John. One day while they were working with their father repairing their fishing nets, a Rabbi named Jesus came to the lakeshore and called them both to be His disciples. The two brothers developed a close relationship with Jesus—especially John. Not only was he one of Jesus’ disciples, but he became part of Christ’s “inner circle” of companions.

Through John’s firsthand observation, life-changing experience and close relationship with Jesus… and through the inspired words he wrote about Jesus… we meet the Author of Life and the Redeemer of our stories. Through the pages of John’s Gospel, Jesus beckons us with an invitation. With a call. With a summons. “Believe and follow Me, and you’ll taste Life as I intended for it to be lived.” In other words—AWAKEN.