Winter/Spring Connections Weekend 2020

Winter/Spring Connections Weekend 2020

Connect with God and others

Did you know that more than 150 people serve our Northland family by leading classes, ministries and groups? Most of them are volunteer leaders who are passionate about responding to God’s call on their lives to serve our congregation.

They bring incredible gifts to the role of engaging, equipping and leading others in their desire to grow spiritually. What makes these leaders special is their ability to guide others who fall in different places on the spectrum of spiritual maturity and vibrancy in their personal faith.

Some are brand-new believers looking to soak up all they can about Jesus and His Word, others are in the midst of devastating heartbreak and brokenness and desire to heal wounds and conquer strongholds, and others simply desire to grasp what God has to say about a particular topic, such as finances, marriage and evangelism. Of course many people are seeking to be part of a Jesus-loving community such as a home group.

These are just a few examples of what our congregation members seek, and our ministry leaders step up to the plate every time to help them fill those needs.

I am often overwhelmed by the consistency and faithfulness of our equipping and group leaders. They rarely miss the opportunity to go the extra mile in caring for our Northland family. They show up early and stay late. They open their homes and share meals. They pray for their people, make connections, send cards, buy coffee, and spend tireless hours preparing content, printing materials and setting up for their gatherings.

These are people who love and care for others out of the abundance of love and care God so graciously lavishes on them. They take God’s vertical love and extend it horizontally to the people around them.

Their drive and motivation come from different places. Some leaders have amazing stories of overcoming situations that seemed insurmountable. They tell stories of how God’s faithfulness lifted them out of addictions and mended broken relationships. Other leaders have experienced incredible transformation in their marriages, families, finances and even work spaces. They shoulder a great responsibility to help others experience the same life-giving transformation in their lives.

Some simply have deep convictions around prayer, evangelism and discipleship. And they want to share those passions with the people in our congregation, knowing the impact those three areas have on fulfilling the Great Commission and the Great Commandment, and expanding the Kingdom of God!

These are the kinds of people you want to meet and know, right? Good news! Not only can you meet them, but you can learn more about their ministries and even join them in the new year!

Every January and August, we hold Connections Weekend in the foyer before and after weekend worship. You can explore classes on parenting, prayer or spiritual gifts. You can meet some of our home group leaders and discover the many areas where you can serve and volunteer, places such as Children’s Ministries, local missions, Access Ministries and so many more.

We choose the new year for Connections Weekend because it is one of the best times to explore ways to get connected here at Northland. This time is especially important as we look back on the year, consider how we want to draw closer to Jesus and others in 2020, and continue to look for ways to embrace our vision to be fully alive in Jesus.

There are hundreds of ways to serve others, dig deeper into a Bible or topical study, or join a group community – all things God uses to grow us closer to others and to Him.

We are excited about what God is doing at Northland heading into 2020. You are an important part of that story! Don’t miss the opportunity to connect in ways you never have before at Northland. Not only will you see God and your walk with Him in a new way, but you’ll do that with a community of people. God will use those people and your relationships with them to change you in ways you never imagined.

So mark your calendar now for January 25 and 26! We can’t wait to see you there!

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