Why I Wanted to Volunteer at Community Art Connection

Why I Wanted to Volunteer at Community Art Connection

May 17, 2022

I retired last year after forty years of nursing, most of which was in Neonatal Intensive Care. I have a heart for service to the most vulnerable and have treasured walking journeys with my patients and their families. I know how difficult life has been for my former patients, but their lives have been so beautiful. Both their families and I have been so blessed to be a witness. They are determined to experience life to the fullest using the unsurpassed kindness in their souls. I did not know about the Community Art Connection until my friend and former co-worker Linda told me how much her daughter enjoyed attending. I did know her daughter, who was in my care as a nurse at one time with her sister. I watched this beautiful child travel through life with her family. She loved animals and dogs, and I took my dog, Mindy, to her celebration of life, and Linda told me how much her daughter would have loved that. 

I bought Mindy for my aging mother. My mother loved being a volunteer and chatting with people, and I suggested she train Mindy to be a therapy dog. She would have loved taking her to different venues and visiting with people while she shared the love of her dog. After I lost my mom, I decided I would honor her memory and train Mindy to be a therapy dog. 

As God makes all things work together for good, these things came together to provide me the opportunity to serve at the CAC. When I retired, I lost my sense of purpose and waited patiently on the Lord to show me where He needed me. Linda and I met up a few months after I retired, and she said how much her daughter would have loved having Mindy visit at the CAC. I knew God was speaking to me through her, so I contacted Heather, and the rest is history. I feel so honored to serve in this program. The artists are such awesome people and most kind and gentle. Their hearts have welcomed our dogs and us into their lives, and we feel like family. Going there fills our souls with joy, and we can see how much the dogs mean to the artists. We are thrilled to help them get off to a good start in the day. All I have to do with Mindy on the mornings we come to the CAC is say, “Let’s go see your friends,” and she is at the door, ready to jump in the car. We are so glad to be a part of Community Art Connection!

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