Virtual Local Serve Day Recap

Virtual Local Serve Day Recap

This most recent Local Serve Day was by far the most unique serve day we’ve ever had. With a total of 8 projects, 5 virtual and 3 in person, this past Saturday was a beautiful day where connections were made with those we served, served alongside, and with God.  Over a hundred letters and cards were written to Missionaries, frontline Healthcare Workers, and kids in Egypt and Uganda. 

We received some incredible stories from those who participated in each project. Tina said that during the phone calls to seniors project, one resident said how he missed going outside since he was isolated in his room. Jessica on the team suggested to send him a plant. A couple of team members chipped in and sent him a plant to cheer him up. 

LeDonna shared how she saw God move during the Praying over the Sanctuary project. She described how amazing it was to be back in the sanctuary after so long away and to be able to pray over every section. Kim said she loved being able to meet some new ladies and it made her happy to be able to reach out to others during this time of spending so much time at home.  

Thank you so much to each and every person who participated in this Serve Day and continued to serve our community and act as the hands and feet of Jesus during this unprecedented time. We are so incredibly grateful for our Northland family and how we are able to serve our Lord and community together. 

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