Sweet Treats for Your Neighbors!

Sweet Treats for Your Neighbors!

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October 5, 2022

How do you feel about Halloween? Love it or hate it, have you stopped to consider its missional potential? Think about it. Trick-or-treaters can be a mission field. What other holiday brings people to your front doorstep full of anticipation for what you are going to give them? Halloween! 

So, what is something we could hand out this year that would be both attractive to the recipient, but also attract them to something more important. We think that handing out a *FULL-SIZE CANDY BAR* with a nice label saying, “Join us for Northland’s Christmas Eve service” will do the trick.

So, purchase some of these amazing candy bars and be ready for your Halloween mission. Let’s be known as a generous people who glorify God in all spheres of life–even Halloween. When people arrive at your house, may they leave with a nice and delicious gift that has more to give: an introduction to come and find out about Jesus Christ, God’s most important Gift to the world.

Pre-order and pay for any quantity of candy bars before October 24.

Pick up your candy bars during weekend worship services on the weekend of October 29 & 30.

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