Support Christmas Camp through Scrips Gift Cards

Support Christmas Camp through Scrips Gift Cards

Hi Northland Family! Christmas is over but there are always gifts to be found for birthdays, new births, weddings, etc. Scrip gift cards will continue to be available in the bookstore and online in support of Student Ministries. With Scrip, you can purchase all the same gift cards you were going to buy anyway, but a percentage of the price goes to our Student Ministries. For example, say you always buy a $25 Starbucks gift card for your child’s favorite teacher. With Scrip, a rebate of 7% of that $25 would go directly to Northland’s Student ministries. You can get physical gift cards or an electronic E-card to all of your favorite stores and restaurants!The process works like this:
1.       Go to and push the blue “join a program” button in the
       upper right corner.

2.       Enter the unique Northland Church Enrollment code: 54E2E2F56552L
       (Northland Church will show in the left hand column of the REGISTER page)

3.       Follow the instructions from there and you’re ready to shop.
           (Always use the PERSONAL SCRIP ORDER option when you shop.)

All proceeds made through this fundraiser will go to Student Ministries programs.

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