Seven Stars of Lent

Seven Stars of Lent

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February 11, 2021

Traditionally, Lent is the 40 days before Easter and is considered a time of reflection and repentance. The Seven Stars of Lent study provides families with a weekly activity to enhance their worship during the Lenten season. Each worship segment includes a scripture reading, a secret symbol which points to a different element of the last days of Jesus’ life, a Bible Memory Verse Song suggestion, and the Lent Reminder below which is recited each week:

While stars are not traditionally associated with the Lenten season, children love stars. In this study, they can look forward to the revealing of each of the seven stars and secret symbols. The Seven Stars of Lent study was inspired by the description of the seven stars in the right hand of the Son of Man described in Revelation 1:9-19. In Lenten studies for adults, the letters to the seven churches found in the book of Revelation are sometimes associated with the seven weeks of Lent as a call to repentance. This study does provide opportunity for repentance, but focuses primarily on who Jesus is and what He has done.

The Seven Stars of Lent remind us of the 40 days before Easter when we join believers all over the world in getting our hearts ready to celebrate Easter. To do that, many believers will give up a favorite thing or begin a new good habit. Giving up something special or starting a new habit helps our hearts and minds focus on Jesus and what He has done for us. By doing this study you may already be starting a new habit of coming together weekly for family time. Make a night of it by having a special dinner, taking a walk, or playing games.

Preparation and Resources

View the weekly Family Devotional, including Bible Memory Verse Songs and Seven Stars of Lent Introduction Video online using the Weekly Devotional links below.

Weekly Devotionals

Questions About Lent

Week 1 (Feb 14): The Transforming Star

Week 2 (Feb 21): The Star of Praise

Week 3 (Feb 28): The Servant Star

Week 4 (Mar 7): The Star of Remembrance

Week 5 (Mar 14): The Garden Star

Week 6 (Mar 21): The Star of the Cross

Week 7 (Mar 28): The Star of Life

You may also download the print resources here:

Family Devotional (includes 2021 Lent Calendar, Seven Stars of Lent Poster, and Lent Reminder Poster) 

Children’s Guide for New Believers

Students' Guide for New Believers

Collect a Bible, paper or foam heart, a palm branch (or picture of a palm branch), hand towel, bread and a cup (week 4), an olive branch or a jar of olives, a cross, and an Easter egg. Create a Treasure Box (Any box or container that can fit each of the seven symbols below. Decorate it as a family at the beginning of Lent. )

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