Sabbath: Entering God's Rest

Sabbath: Entering God's Rest

July 27, 2022

Do you take a sabbath or a sabbatical? Sounds like something only clergy take, right? Do you have regular rhythms of rest and work? Do you have intentional, undistracted time with God? Is it possible? if you do, that's a Sabbath. As defined: "A time of rest to replenish to sustain us."

I have a common practice of writing daily 3 things I’m grateful for and making a to do list for the day. A friend encouraged me to pray over it each morning and give it over to God. And I love to listen to worship music. Is this enough? Not for me. I crave more. More time with Him but I get distracted with all I have to do. What distracts me? I can say, I know that stuff is not important but it's got to be done, huh?!  Sounds like an excuse. So temporal, not eternal. Won’t matter next week. Why am I all over the place with my "sabbath"?

Ruth Haley Barton, author of “Embracing Rhythms of Work and Rest”, says, “In our frenzied culture, the possibility of living in balanced rhythms of work and rest often feels elusive. Sabbath is more than a practice―it is a way of life ordered around God’s invitation to regular rhythms of work, rest, and replenishment that will sustain us."

Can you see the possibility of life sustaining replenishment if we trust Him to take care of all the other things as we spend time with Him and create space for rest and replenishment? I can and I’m so ready to dig deeper. If you are too, pick up a copy of Ruth’s book, or a journal, devotional, pick up your Bible and ask where God wants to speak to you . . . and listen. Well it's a start and that’s a good thing.

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