Pray for the Hunter Family

Pray for the Hunter Family

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December 10, 2013

Dear Northland family,

By now you may have heard that Pastor Joel and Becky's son Isaac Hunter died today. All of us are grieving for the Hunter family, and we will deeply miss Isaac. Words cannot express the sorrow we’re feeling.

We love this family and are so grateful for the impact they have had on each of our lives. I have loved Isaac since he was a child, and I know this ... Isaac loved Jesus. And we are assured of his continuing relationship with Christ now in heaven (Romans 8:38-39).

I know we all want to reach out to the Hunter family, but the way we can love them best at this time is to pray for them and respect their privacy. Right now, would you please pray for them? We will have opportunities in the future to fully express our love and sympathies. Memorial service information will be posted on Northland's website as soon as it’s available.

I love you all,
Pastor Vernon

P.S. There are baskets at the Welcome Desks at each of our sites where you may leave a card or note for the Hunter family. You may also send a note to

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