Online Host Station On-Track for Easter Weekend

Online Host Station On-Track for Easter Weekend

March 15, 2023

Did you know? ... Approximately 1,500 folks worship with us online each weekend. Let that soak in ... 1,500 people. That's nearly as big as our in-person audience at Longwood!

Speaking of Longwood, as you may have noticed, we have created an Online Host Station in the sanctuary. We're still testing and working out a few bugs, but we're on track to officially roll this out on Easter Weekend!

We're hoping the new station makes it easier to serve as an Online Host and increases engagement with our congregants online. How?

1. It's more convenient. Online Hosts can serve when they normally attend church.

2. It's more fun. Online Hosts can participate in live worship while serving.

3. It's more connected. Creating a dedicated host station brings our online folks into the room with the rest of the congregation. There's just something powerful about having the entire congregation together!

4. It's less intimidating. If Online Hosts need technical help or pastoral guidance, our pastors and staff are there to advise. Plus, no setup is required! You simply take a seat at the station, sign in to the computer and start hosting.

Future plans include installing a camera at the Online Host Station. Imagine ... Pastor Josh stops by the Host Station before the service and says a quick hello to our online folks. Or, Pastor Marsh or Pastor Gus stop by and thank everyone for coming. The result? Online folks feel more connected to the rest of the church body.

Please take a moment to ask God if becoming an Online Host is something you should do. If He pulls on your heart, please fill out this quick form and we'll be in touch:

Your prayers are much appreciated as we launch this new tool — engaging neighbors and nations to be Fully Alive in King Jesus.

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