Lifehope Childcare Story (A.S.)

Lifehope Childcare Story (A.S.)

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August 9, 2021

A.S.'s Story

When I was 19 I lost my dad to cancer. I lost half of my soul that day, but most importantly I lost my faith. “God isn’t real, he would never let something like this happen to me.” After this pivotal point in my life I turned to alcohol and surrounding myself with people who weren’t good for me. I dropped out of college. I clung to a boy who disrespected me and emotional abused me. I stayed in this toxic relationship for about six years.  At 23 I ended up getting pregnant with him. The moment I found out I was pregnant I started coming out of the dark cloud I was in for the past several years.  I finally realized I deserved better and I needed to leave him, but I couldn’t give up this baby.  I went on to giving birth to the most perfect baby boy. I  had finally regained the other half of my soul that day. My son brought a happiness and love out of me that I never knew was possible. I still wasn’t happy with where I was in life though. I was living with my son’s father’s family and only working part time at a restaurant. I had absolutely nothing to show for myself and had no way of living independently. Things with my son’s father started getting bad. When my son was 1 we got kicked out of our home. I had nowhere to go and no money in the bank to get a place of my own. I was about a couple days away from going to a women’s homeless shelter. One day I finally went online and started sending applications for full time jobs. I also was trying to figure out what I would do for day care. A family friend of mine had told me about Life Hope Child Care. I went on and applied, called, but didn’t hear anything for a while. A couple weeks went by and I finally ended up getting a full time job. The same day I got the job offer I heard back from Life Hope that they had a spot opening up in their cottage 2 (for 1 year olds). “What a coincidence!” I thought. My family friend said “that isn’t a coincidence, that’s God”. Since being a part of Life Hope Child Care I now have a one bedroom apartment for my son and I. I bought a car. I’m slowly building up a savings for my future. I am attending college again to be a Radiation Therapist. I’m achieving small personal goals of mine. I am surrounded by a bunch of other strong, inspiring moms who motivate and support me. Most importantly, I am forming a relationship with God again. This process of self growth has not been easy, but I am so thankful I have everyone's support to help me push through. I am so blessed my life led me to Life Hope Child Care and I can’t wait to see what else God has in store for me.

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