Host a Japanese Student In March!

Host a Japanese Student In March!

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December 5, 2022

The Hornbacks hosted Momoko, Japanese student who came to the U.S. through Mission to Japan.

Mission To Japan is a Northland-supported ministry, founded by Warren and Yukari Griffith over 25 years ago, which brings Japanese college students to Orlando a few times every year to share the Gospel through a “homestay” program.

Mission To Japan is bringing several Japanese college students to Northland Church February 27 to March 28, 2023 to share our culture and our Christian faith with them. Students are coming to experience American culture and practice their English. The program allows Mission To Japan to share the gospel with Japanese college students through Bible studies, a beach retreat, and exposure to Christians while in Orlando. Mission To Japan takes care of the students during the day with English and Bible classes at Northland as well as sightseeing trips. Several host homes are needed to receive students in the evenings and provide meals, a room, and Christian friendship for part or all of the month of March. This is a great way for families, singles, or couples to share God’s love through gospel hospitality and mission outreach, and to make a new friend for life. If you can help by hosting/housing, or helping with transportation, please contact Warren Griffith(407-243-8867 or Several more host families are urgently needed now! Warren and Yukari provide host families with guidance and orientation, and take care of the students most weekdays.

“This is a great opportunity for the whole family to learn about another culture, gain a lifelong friend and share the meaning of Christmas with someone who knows almost nothing about the Christian faith,” says Warren. “Less than one percent of Japanese are evangelical Christians, but we’ve seen a significant number of students become Christians through this ministry.”

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