Family Moment with Pastor Nathan

Family Moment with Pastor Nathan

February 21, 2021

Will Pastor Nathan continue to preach periodically at Northland?

Pastor Nathan is not scheduled to preach. We are excited for this new season for the Clark family and know they have a lot of amazing work ahead of them as the build and launch Church of Wonders.

When will this transition take place? 

Pastor Nathan’s last day on staff will be March 7.

How can we show our appreciation to Pastor Nathan and his family for his 17 years of service to Northland?

Prayers are always appreciated and we know the Clark family would love for you to pray for them in their new season. If you would like to support Church of Wonders financially you can do that through this link:
Support Church of Wonders

Contact info? You can learn more about Church of Wonders and connect with Pastor Nathan directly at

Have a question? Email us at

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