Engaging Survivors To Be Fully Alive In Jesus

Engaging Survivors To Be Fully Alive In Jesus

October 18, 2021

121Hope is deeply grateful to the many people who financially contributed to Giving Tuesday and championed its creation, as well as to those who are now contributing their time, knowledge, and expertise to helping survivors of modern-day slavery. Through prayer and petition, 121Hope exists to eradicate human trafficking and point the aching soul to the grace of God’s healing hand.

Our victim advocacy team has worked with 113 survivors in six years. Throughout this journey, we have learned that each story varies by way of pain and suffering. Each rescue varies by method and community response. And each life longs for a champion to stand by their side on their long, arduous journey of healing and restoration. Victim advocacy work can be difficult, daunting, messy and at times unsuccessful. But so too can it be inspiring, undaunting, orderly, and successful.

Because of you, our Northland champions, 121Hope has pivoted the work of ongoing projects to concentrate on ensuring survivors are surrounded by disciples of Christ and receiving the message of God’s purpose for their lives. These 121Hope volunteer “champions” are amplifying important Christ-life messages of love, acceptance, goodness, kindness, and honor to the survivors they encounter. There are beautiful moments captured in our hearts of survivors laughing for the first time in years and feeling that life is going to be more than okay. 

Because of your generosity on Giving Tuesday, 121Hope plans to host the Rise Up Retreat in the Fall of 2021, a three-day weekend focused on creating a safe space for survivors to connect, heal and grow. We plan to meet in a beautiful environment and help women discover what it means to value their voices, create healthy relationships and rise up to lead with their unique gifts. And thankfully, we will be able to offer full scholarships for all participating survivors due to your kindness and heartfelt generosity. The Rise Up Retreat was laid on the heart of 121Hope leaders more than two years ago but due to financial shortfalls, it was not a viable option. On December 1, 2020, you rose up and championed a ministry that sees good over evil, light instead of darkness, and feels victory over defeat. We believe in the value of life and we believe in the value of Engaging Survivors to be Fully Alive in Jesus. To learn more visit 121Hope.com or contact Meg Johnson at Meg.Johnson@NorthlandChurch.net

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