Disciples Making Disciples

Disciples Making Disciples

JESUS CHRIST said to His followers, “therefore go and make disciples.” That was part of His last command in Matthew 28:16-20. This must be the priority of everyone following King Jesus and this should be the main focus for the Church. In the command, Jesus shared what His part is in making disciples and that our part is to obey and fulfill His mission. It is in ALL.

1. Jesus has All authority which is given to us through His Holy Spirit.
John 16:15-21, 25-26; Acts 1:6.

2. Jesus said go to All the nations. Disciple people from every nation, tribe, and tongue.
Matthew 24:14

3. Jesus said teach them All He has commanded us. Teach and baptize to show obedience and as a witness to Him as Lord.
Matthew 28:20a

4. Jesus said His presence will be with us ALL the days of our lives until all have heard.
Matthew 28:20b

Jesus modeled how we are to make disciples during His three years on earth with his own disciples. He lived and showed His followers how to be a disciple and how to make disciples. A study in the lives of the disciples and Church History shows that we are to take the Mandate to the Nations. This means understanding the purpose and responsibility of taking the Gospel to everyone.

We have that in our vision statement, Engaging People to be Fully Alive in Jesus. To be a disciple is to be someone following, loving, learning, and living for Jesus. To make disciples means bringing others along with you to do the same. Everyone who has trusted in Jesus as Lord and Savior is to make disciples. Thank God that over the years we have those at Northland Church and throughout the nations who have embraced discipleship. They continue to do so and others are joining them. But, we need to do much more so that we are faithful and fruitful disciples of Jesus.

How are we doing this now at Northland? Over the past year and a half we have devoted ourselves to praying, studying Scriptures, and gathering in different ways and areas as we move toward being a Disciple Making Church. To begin to equip every believer for ministry we have fully engaged with many of our staff, elders, and congregational leaders. Over the summer, 180 leaders in 23 groups have been studying The Master Plan of Evangelism by Dr. Robert E. Coleman. Our purpose for reading this book is to bring us in alignment with Jesus’ style of making disciples. In the discussion groups, we are exploring and discovering the principles of evangelism and discipleship. Along with these principles, we are learning how these Scriptures apply to us today.

How can you get involved? Jesus calls all of us to make disciples. Whether you’re a new believer or a long-time Christian, we will resource you to take the next step. We encourage and challenge you to pray and consider how Jesus wants you to participate. If you’re a new believer, we want to connect you with someone to help you grow. That means we also need people who are willing to disciple others. In late September, we’ll start new Master Plan of Evangelism discussion groups and would like you to join us. For those who are currently reading Master Plan of Evangelism, your next step is to lead a group, help a new believer grow, or find other ways to make disciples.

For more information on any of these next steps, go to NorthlandChurch.net/Disciples.

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