Connections Weekend Recap

Connections Weekend Recap

Hey Northland family! We are in awe of the way God moved through our congregation over our two Connections Weekends. 623 people signed up for a class, group, or ministry; to receive care; or to serve others in our church and through our Missions department. How amazing is that?!! Our top two ministries (drumroll please) were Young Families and Pet Pals who both had 29 people sign up. I mean, who doesn’t love dogs and little kids? 

So many incredible stories have come from the past couple of weekends and while I’d love to share them all I’ll start by sharing two of my favorite. Three high school students stumbled across the Student Ministries table last Sunday and that very same night, they went to youth group and fell in love with it. How encouraging to see the Holy Spirit align things so that these young adults could immediately respond to a call to go and grow deeper with Him through the student ministry community.

Ministry leaders gather to pray over the congregation before the start of the weekend

Our Arabic Ministry leader shared a really great story with us.  “Someone talked about praying for a Muslim friend to know Jesus. We told him we could help and gave him our contact information.” While we’re celebrating all the connections made inside our foyer, we’re also prayerful for opportunities to help others come to know Christ outside of Northland through the love, care, and heart of our congregation.  

These stories are just the beginning! Our foyer was filled with people reconnecting and praying for one another, new relationships were formed and ministry leaders got to know one another and encourage each other in their unique call to lead our Northland family. 

If you weren’t able to make it to Connections Weekend or if you missed connecting with a ministry, we’re here to help! Check out our passport here or connect with me at

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