Coming This Fall: Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

Coming This Fall: Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

"Perspectives offers a sound and solid biblical understanding of God’s perspectives for us and the people He created. I learned the ways God is accomplishing His purpose in the history of the world. My heart and passion are reignited to join Godin what He is doing here, there and everywhere!"

Missions Director
"You should take Perspectives if you are looking for more. If you desire a deeper understanding of your purpose and God’s plan, this class will challenge your thinking and deepen your desire to know Him more. The class also has a local feel with a global perspective. We will explore opportunities for engaging the nations in Central Florida and beyond."

Director of international initiatives at Scholastic Book Fairs
"I took the Perspectives class because I was new in faith and I wanted to learn about God. The 15-week course focuses on Scripture, history and God’s grand purpose. The course opened my eyes to understanding my purpose through God’s eyes."

Real estate agent
"It is difficult to pinpoint what I learned fromPerspectives. However, one thing is sure: God is revealing His passion, His promise and His purpose in His Bible in a different perspective than I previously understood. His truth never changes, but I am beginning to understand His truth with a different perspective and perhaps clarity"

Nurse practitioner and volunteer
Disaster Response coordinator at Northland for the last eight years
"Anyone who wants to grow and engage in God’s global purpose for the world would benefit from this course.It’s not about being a missionary or just another Bible study, but it’s so much more. Everyone needs to invest the time to understand God’s plan, His purpose for their life, and how they might get involved. The reward far surpasses the obstacles of time and financial commitment."

Senior vice president of clinical program operations at BioPlusSpecialty Pharmacy
"I took the course thinking I would be learning about how missions work. The course, however, engaged me beyond what I imagined! We had weeks in the biblical section that opened Scripture to me once again and helped me to see things I haven’t seen or had missed before. I actually said, “When did that get in there?” The historical section was amazing seeing how God works all things for good and to the glory ofHis name. I was encouraged by those that walked in the faith before us. Finally, I learned how I fit in God’s plan for the world."

Operational Analyst
(U.S. Air Force, retired)
"This class is an incredible foundation for every believer. It helped me and continues to help me realize each and every day how much our God loves us and how much He wants every nation to hear the gospel."

"Perspectives is more than just an amazing class. It is potentially the beginning of a life-changing process.It will inform you, challenge you and motivate you to engage with God’s heart and His missional work in the world through us, His church."

Perspectives will be held Sundays,August 11 through December 8 from 3 to 6 p.m. at Northland.
For details, go to or contact Julia Kauffman at

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