Cauthorn Family Support Update

Cauthorn Family Support Update

September 15, 2021

On the weekend of June 19-20, we brought you a prayer request and need for one of our missionary families serving on the other side of the world.

Gil and Michika Cauthorn are working at a church plant in Osaka, Japan. Less than 2.2% of the population in Japan is Christian. This makes each church plant vital to the spread of the Gospel. Gil is also working as a science teacher and researcher, using the gifts God gave him to be a light to those around him. We received an email from Gil saying, “our family is in a bit of a crisis and needs prayer.” They were expecting their third child when they received the news that they had lost the baby. As they dealt with the shock and pain of this loss, Gil was notified that his wages would be reduced during June due to circumstances associated with COVID-19 in Japan. The financial burden added to the stress and weight of the situation. That following weekend we brought the need to the congregation with an opportunity to pray and collect an offering. Many in the congregation stepped up and gave a total of $6,800.69! In addition to this, we included a dollar-for-dollar match from the Missions budget from your regular tithes and offerings. Within two weeks, we had sent them over $13,601.38. Over those weeks, we communicated with Gil, and I wanted to share some of that communication in his own words.

"We are completely overwhelmed with the love and support we have received from our church family at Northland. Last week was truly one of the most difficult weeks we have had as a family.

Right now, we are focused on helping Michika recover physically as we as a family recover emotionally. Our girls have had a difficult time processing this, but it has given us an opportunity to revisit as a family the heart of our Father. God saw His son killed, and it was through that loss that our suffering has any chance of redemption. No one wants to go through this, but it has been through this situation that we have felt the overwhelming closeness of God's love as it has been poured out on our family through our church community here, in Northland, Mosaic Church, and our family here and in Florida. We have received so many prayers, encouraging messages, random meals, offers of support, and now this overwhelming gift offering to help our family. This is more than we could ever ask for. We do not take this lightly and humbly thank you from the depths of our hearts. Michika and I are still in shock after reading your email.

This has also made way to be a witness here in Japan in ways we had not been able to in the past. God is turning this situation into one that is able to bless our family and many others around us. Thank you for always being such a strong support for our family and ministry in Japan.

Being able to see God's care for our family through our global church family has been an experience that we will carry for the rest of our lives. Thank you for your care for our family.

God bless you and yours, Gil"


When Gil mentions family, it’s because he grew up at Northland and his parents still attend. He was impacted through our student ministries and was forever changed through the ministry Mission to Japan led by Warren and Yukari Griffith. This homestay program allows Japanese students to come to the US to learn and live with a family for several weeks. They also take US students to Japan to do the same. It was in this ministry that Gil met Michika, and his love and passion for Japan grew. They have now been serving there for ten years.

When reflecting on this, I am thankful for how the Holy Spirit knits our stories together for His good. Thank you for being a part of this through your prayers and financial gifts.

Each month we gather on the third Saturday to pray for the Cauthorns and all of our supported missionaries and partnerships locally and globally . For more information, go to

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