121Hope Fair Trade Market-Online

121Hope Fair Trade Market-Online

April 21, 2022

Trades of Hope - TradesOfHope.com

Jewelry | Handbags | Home Decor | Coffee

Mother and daughter team Elisabeth and Gretchen Huijskens built their company for the sake of empowering women across the globe in hopes of eliminating poverty and trafficking.

Minga Fair Trade Imports - MingaImports.com

Accessories | Clothing | Home Decor | Jewelry

Over the past 20 years, we’ve built long-lasting relationships with artisans around the globe. We’re committed to creating a network that fosters financial stability for these creative entrepreneurs while partnering with mindful retailers that are dedicated to the importance of fair trade.

Samantha’s Treasure - SamanthasTreasure.com

Beaded Bracelets | Wholesale | Holiday Decor | Paper Goods

Welcome to what started as a homeschool project when I was 14, is now turning into a charitable and profitable business that helps young women in Africa to earn money, learn job skills, and receive Spiritual Discipleship Training through Tazamania, previously, Girls with Vision.

Ten Thousand Villages - TenThousandVillages.com

Accessories | Home | Kitchen | Outdoor | Spa

Purposeful good and gifts crafted by hand for home and life. 

Fair Trade Winds - FairTradeWinds.net

Clothing | Bags & Accessories | Jewelry | Home | Journals & Cards

We’re a family business that considers all of our artisan partners and customers as members of one big extended family. We’re all on this planet together and when we work cooperatively we can create incredible change!

Solai Coffee - SolaiCoffee.com


Solai Coffee is a family-owned business. We launched this business to create Direct Trade and Fair Trade for small-scale farmers with the ambition to grow -together.

Miscgoli Made - Follow on Instagram @MoscgoliMade

Baked Goods

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