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Omar Trigo

September 3, 2021

My Prayer Request is that OUR LOVE GOD JEHOVAH, THE TRUEST LOVE, May Enter the Deepest of the Love Minds, Hearts, Souls, Spirits and Bodies of Our Sister Tatiana Trigo and Her Husband Carlos Camacho, so JESUS CHRIST Create Tatiana Trigo and Carlos Camacho Blessed by JEHOVAH with All His Love, Care, Warmth, Sweetness, Tenderness, Stability, Sensitivity Multiplied by 1 Trillion Times Greater, in order for Tatiana Trigo and Carlos Camacho to Work Almightily Physically Professionally 1 Trillion Times Better Bending Their Knees to JESUS CHRIST All Sunday Long at JEHOVAH'S Filling House of Worship, to Love JESUS CHRIST, this Very Moment, the Way HE Loves HIMSELF, Perfectly and Completely,.