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Julie Brown

October 13, 2021

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pray for my husband's Brother and my Brother-in-Law, Paul. He is in Altamonte hospital with covid in ICU. The doctor was apparently going to tell him today that his lungs are... (shutting down?/irreparable?) and that he is going to -----. We REBUKE THIS in the NAME OF JESUS - JEHOVA RAPHA - OUR GOD AND HIS GOD WHO HEALS!!!!! Please pray the doctor is wrong and that PAUL LIVES!!!! Please pray Paul keeps HOPE and that he has received JESUS as his LORD and SAVIOR!!! He has 2 daughters - Meghan and Ashley - please pray for them to have God's peace and that they, too, become BELIEVERS, as we are unsure of their salvation, too. Thank you!