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James David Schmidt

March 8, 2023

Like Katy Nichole, I pray for Revival, Restoration of Faith that the dead come to Life in Jesus' Name - Yehoshooah - YHVH saves (His obedient Elect). I pray that Church & Messianic Synagogue clergy & Deacons supplant funeral directors in burial prep as was done in early 1st Century. John 19:38-42; 20:6,7; 11:38,44. Legal issues: death certificates ought be issued without invasive forensics. Ventilated rock tombs ought be aligned S-N in secluded areas. Vacuum-tight coffins tend to decomposition of any, Job's 'fire not blown', Isa. 66's unquenchable 'fire', undying worm (s). Please pray for Reformation of the current mortuary system. Thank you.