December 2


1 million Uygurs concentration camps in China May I request prayer for concentration camps of China? August 10 2018 UN has pointed out China detain 1 million Uygurs in Concentration camps.Current situation is like battle situation,One-eighth Uygur people are held,armored cars are on the streets of Ürümqi,the operation of totally hunting down Uygur people by force is ongoing.…0.0..5010…0.0..0.0.0…….0……gws-wiz-img.kvkk8Qb9Us4#imgrc=VznXFca8UYkWGM: This is everyday life Uygur people are suffering : For I have spent high school days in China,I thought I should write something about this. About whole picture,According to China Daily,there are 310 concentration camps throughout China,current number of prisoner is 2 million (Of course number is at least 4-5 million,for we can’t even count ‘secret black jails’) Another I should mention is these concentration camps are holding the ‘most devout Christians and underground churches’ in China.Recently repeatedly reported ( / After 0 Minute 38 seconds - 1:12) Chinese government shutting down/persecute ‘all’ of underground churches and arrest key figures of each churches without the churches perfectly obey their government.Christians fall on ‘reform through labor’ thoroughly forced to converse their religion also by 1980’s like torture, Even government operates organ harvesting system ( (Inside concentration camps Christians Falun_Gongs are treated as the same) Also beaten by other prisoners (gangster,drug dealer prisoners,).And This is the officially recognized concentration camps of China, and secret black jails we cannot see : . Would you please pray for : 1.May Chinese government doesn’t practice horrible torture 2.May not happen violence between prisoners,May this problem exposed around the world as the ‘Biggest’ news in the world.’May Government level’ ‘Solve’ this problem. 3.Protect their faith of Christians in torture to ‘win’ the test of the Satan. 4.Prison officers may not act satanically,let them to sympathize prisoners. 5.To ‘Reform through labor’ be abolished,’Let Uygur people are liberated’,China to permit Christianity thoroughly,let China to become country which follows Jesus. Writing about I found Describing details article is too long,let me allow you update 2 or 3 times later,to know whole situation,pray like Chinese who involved directly. Boldly concentrate one million people means Chinese government doesn’t afraid anybody in the world. And they ‘are’ applying equivalent level of 1980’s torture. Thank you for your prayer,谢谢你的照顾! Wikipedia article :

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