April 15

Barb Woodford

We talked to Barb’s Uncle Donnie. He went last Friday, April 13, to have an MRI and Cat scan done and blood work. The Cat scan showed the small spot on his liver. They don’t have the MRI results yet. His blood test showed that his cancer number is way up so the doctor gave him two weeks of chemo pills to take and then he will go back to have his blood tested again to see what his cancer number is. We will be praying that the chemo pills will reduce his cancer number. They are worried that the cancer has spread somewhere else since his cancer number is way up. He said that the cancer number is higher than it was back when he started chemo the first time. Donnie said that if he has to go back on the liquid chemo, he will. He does have a positive attitude about everything. He does feel good and has been working outside all along. So please keep him in prayer for his cancer number to go back down and that the cancer has not spread anywhere else in his body. Also pray for strength and peace for the day and in the weeks to come for both him and his wife Janice. They both know and trust in Jesus. Thank you all for praying. We love you all. Barb and Kent

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