Tim and Michelle Kutcher

Love Defined's mission is to shine a light on the clarity God has provided in the area of love. If the greatest commandments are to love God and love people, we can expect great opposition in the area of love. Indeed, culture's voice on this topic is loud, constant, confusing, and seemingly omnipresent. Using a small group model, Love Defined engages the pages of the Bible, the collective experiences and wisdom of a group, and the voice of culture to awaken the heart and mind to relationship-transforming love. Love Defined's model is structured that a group of 10 people can impact at least 500 people by loving them the way God intended. Tim serves as the Director of Love Defined and organizes these groups, facilitates them, equips others to facilitate, and helps to develop content for the website, blog, and study guide. In their free time, the Kutchers enjoy walking or biking on city trails or hanging out with their neighbors. They also love live music and traveling.