The Wisdom Academy

The Wisdom Academy ministry exists to ignite a transformation in business people everywhere to serve as wise leaders, successfully blending Biblical and business principles in the workplace, for the glory of Christ, and for good business.

We believe that as followers of Christ, we are called to full-time ministry in every area of our lives, including business (Col.3:17). This is why we teach Biblical principles, encourage people to look for wisdom in God’s Word, and empower them to grow as wise leaders giving testimony to Christ through their daily actions.

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Other Learning Resources:

“Chasing Wisdom: Finding Everyday Leadership in Business and Life”– a book by Dr. Sam Certo available at the Northland bookstore and online.

Chasing Wisdom Podcast Series with over 100 recorded interviews with accomplished Christian leaders sharing their experience and insight into wisely leading an organization. Listen now on soundcloud.


Wiser In A Minute short video series. In each 2-minute episode Dr. Sam Certo provides a pearl of wisdom to reflect on, that will also challenge and inspire you to practice Godly wisdom daily. Subscribe to The Wisdom Academy channel on YouTube.

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