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Serving the Needs of Single Parents in the Process of Overcoming Life's Challenges

Mission and Vision Statement

This center was created to address the needs of single parents in the process of overcoming life’s challenges. We want to walk alongside you and your child or children to address the barrier of unaffordable child care. We look forward to providing a safe and secure Christ-centered atmosphere for you and your child. We are a church, so our focus is on spiritual maturity with all ages. We also believe in holistically serving all of God’s people who come to us for assistance, discipling, equipping and providing opportunities for them to serve others.

About LifeHope Childcare Center

The LifeHope Childcare Center (LHCC), an extension of Northland’s LifeHope ministry, was created to serve the needs of single parents in the process of overcoming life’s challenges. To use the LHCC, which serves children as young as 6 weeks, these parents must meet the LifeHope ministry’s criteria.

We want to walk alongside the parents and children as we provide childcare in a safe, secure, Christ-centered atmosphere. Developmentally appropriate learning activities will be provided to nurture the “whole child” in areas of physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development.

Mothers also will receive extensive holistic case management. This includes academic, employment, spiritual and emotional goals that lead to a life of self-sufficiency as well as spiritual and emotional maturity.

We aim to provide the necessary resources, education and care to ensure the success of these parents and children long after they leave LHCC.

Eligibility Guidelines

To utilize the childcare center, you must:
  • Show proof of guardianship (a birth certificate or custody paperwork).
  • Be an intrinsically motivated single mother who wants to move to the next step in her journey. Mothers are expected to actively participate in case management and attend weekly meetings with their advocate.
  • Attend weekly worship at Northland

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for childcare at LHCC? What is required of the mother?

In exchange for childcare, the women are required to meet with a LifeHope advocate on a weekly basis to create and track their personal, educational, professional and spiritual goals. This is not a one-size-fits-all program, so each woman’s path will look slightly different, depending on her needs and goals, and how long she has left in the program. Some women may attend budgeting classes, while others will be involved in parenting classes. Also, the women will have time to build community through Serve projects or group activities. Although there is no cost for our childcare, we hesitate to use the word “free” because these women are giving a lot to secure their spot in the program.

How do I apply for consideration into the LifeHopeChildcare program?

Find an application on our website, Once the applicant has submitted her application, we will call her to come in for an interview. The interview, which a panel of CARE Center staff members conducts, typically takes about an hour. During the interview, we get to know the applicant by discussing the answers she provided in the initial application, and we learn more about her current situation. Then our team meets to discuss the needs and eligibility of the applicant and how those match with our program. We typically make a decision within 48 hours.

What happens once I am chosen to be in the program?

Typically, we will notify an applicant within two to three days if we have selected her for the program. At that time, we will schedule a parent orientation to fill out paperwork and discuss the program more in depth. Moms will bring a birth certificate and a current physical and immunizations record to orientation. Then your child will be able to start!

Do I have to be a member of Northland? Will I be disqualified if I have not attended church recently?

No, you will not be disqualified. We welcome you wherever you are in your spiritual walk. However, weekly worship atNorthland is required if you are in the LHCC program.

Why would someone not be accepted into the program?

We want to choose motivated women who have a strong desire for improvement, not those just looking for free childcare. A few reasons that would disqualify someone are she has transportation issues, she was dishonest during the interview or application process, she needs childcare outside of our operating hours, she does not seem motivated, or she does not fit our definition of “single.” We define “single mom” as a woman who is raising a child alone.

I work late every day, but can have my (mom, sister, friend, boyfriend) pick up my child. Is that okay?

No. While we know emergencies arise and a designated person may need to pick up or drop off your child on occasion, this program is about forming relationships, and that is done in part by being present and interacting with our childcare workers at the center each day. We expect to see the moms at least 50% of the time at drop-off and pick-up.

Get in Contact

For more information about the LifeHope Childcare Center, email

Application Process- If you or a single mother you know would benefit from these services but have questions, please email us. Ready to take this journey with us? Click here to apply.

Employment- For employment opportunities with LHCC, complete an application.

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