Biggie Choir

Northland’s Biggie Choir is a gathering of singers from all backgrounds who love to worship. We affectionately call it “Biggie Choir” since it’s a bigger vocal team than our typical weekly worship team. This group comes together to prepare and lead weekend worship services periodically throughout the year. Anyone in fifth grade and older can participate. While no audition is required, you will be expected to memorize music and sing harmonies. Biggie Choir is a fantastic way to lead worship at Northland with a less stringent time commitment. Childcare is provided for rehearsals and services.

If you’ve never participated before, fill out this form to sign up.


What if I’m just a novice singer or I get stage-fright?

No worries; that’s exactly what the Biggie Choir is for! On Biggie weekends, we all sing together in a choir formation on stage. You won’t be alone, and our weekly worship team will be singing on stage with you. Biggie Choir is made up of singers from all backgrounds and levels, and our vocal directors and worship team will make sure you are comfortable!

What is the time commitment?

We typically have rehearsals on the two Thursday evenings leading up to the weekend of worship. The rehearsals are at Northland and last for about two hours.

We also have rehearsals before each service that begin about one to two hours before each service. We use this time for a vocal sound check and rehearsal with the band.

We also ask that you consider volunteering to participate in all of the weekend worship services if you can, but that is not necessary. (Service times are Saturdays at 5 p.m., Sundays at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m., and Mondays at 7 p.m.)

Do I have to read music?

No. While you will find that many of our Biggie Choir members do read music, there are several that do not. We provide vocal breakdowns of each part when possible for you to listen to throughout the weeks leading up to our weekend worship.