Kingdom Come

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This Lenten season, we invite you to re-examine your faith in light of the whole story God has for your life.

We are quick to settle for a ticket to heaven and a few life teachings from Jesus, but there is so much more. God has given us everything we need to live in His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. But do we understand the tools He has provided?

Why did Jesus leave earth and send the Holy Spirit? What does a 2000 year old book have to do with our lives today? The sacraments, the church, spiritual gifts... what are all these things really about? And do they change our impact in the world?

Join us starting March 4 as we explore the foundations of our faith and prepare our hearts - and our lives - for the resurrection.

To participate follow these 3 easy steps:
- Get the free materials by signing up below.
- Gather a friend or two - following Jesus is something we were made to do in community.
- Grow! After all, this series is all about how we can better see God’s Kingdom more clearly in our lives.