“Why Her?” a New Book by Becky, Lisa, Rhonda and Elizabeth Hunter

Becky Hunter

Three years ago, while on a vacation with extended family, my three daughters-in-law and I were talking about the relationship difficulties so many mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law have. We figured at least part of the reason for that could be attributed to the fact that a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law love the same man— one tends to see him as someone she should help protect, and the other perceives him as her protector. Such very different viewpoints are a set up for relationship issues. So, we wondered out loud, “Why do we all get along so well?”

The four of us are Christians and that certainly lays a wonderful groundwork for the potential for good relationships, but we Hunter women are not similar in personality or passions. And to say our tastes in music, literature, fashion, politics, or childrearing are varied would be an understatement— but get along, we do! In fact, we truly love each other. So, we did what in hindsight seems impossible—we four women wrote a book! Well, to be more exact, we wrote two books in one.

Our book isn’t a “how to” book, but a “why to” book. We chose that emphasis because we think that if a woman knows why a good relationship matters, she is better equipped to design her role in her relationships in a way that can make those relationships better. Each of us searched Scripture for wisdom on this issue. We interviewed many, many women. We read every article and book we could find on the topic—which didn’t take all that long, because there isn’t much out there that considers this relationship in a positive light. And most important, we prayed. We prayed for each other as we wrote. We prayed for the readers. We prayed for the relationships that we hope to bless with our take on this subject. Lisa, Rhonda, and Lizzy’s side of the book is entitled "Why Her? You, Your Mother-In-Law, And The Big Picture." My side of the book is entitled "Why Her? You, Your Daughter-In-Law, And The Big Picture." We hope you will find the book to be helpful and an entertaining read.

The book sells for $10 (plus shipping, if you order online), and, as is the case with my husband Joel’s books, all of my author proceeds go to Northland. If you purchase a book you are investing in Northland’s local and global ministry.