Update from Marianna

Judy Head

Greetings with an update from Marianna!

We arrived late Wednesday afternoon and set up the mobile kitchen and our sleeping quarters ( Of course after the dreaded flat tire).  Thursday was the first day of cooking, with God’s help, we provided 300 hot dinners to the community.  He multiplied the loaves allowing us to finish with 2 meals left over.

People have told us over and over how thankful they are that Northland came to support.  Many say this was their first hot meal since the storm.

We were without power for three days but rejoiced on Friday when it came on at the church and we could shower.  Today, we  have 13 team members and we are averaging 400 hot cooked meals daily.  Part of the team are clearing pathways so residents can return to their homes and the electric to be turned on and others providing psychological first aid.

As of this morning, Jackson County is 45% without power.  Daily things are improving and you can see the debris piles along the road pathway.

Appreciation is abundant for those of you who are our prayer warriors.  We can feel the power of your prayers being with us and the people of Marianna