Uganda Through the Lense

Marc McMurrin, Photos by David Saphirstein

This past March, Uganda, Ukraine and the USA were united for a week in a unique way. Some Northlanders – Marc McMurrin, Gus Davies, Jordan Gritter and David Saphirstein – joined with two Ukrainian partners from New Life Church – Oleg Magdych and Victor Larionov – to work with and learn from Pastor Robert and his team in Uganda. Marc shares some of his reflections about their time together, and David shares some photos of their experience. Stay tuned for more stories and video! 

The network of pastors in Uganda is inspiring and contagious. Northland is helping by providing training and resources for church planting, and the network just keeps multiplying! They are planting small church communities in schools, villages, shops, homes and even in police stations. Uganda is a community-based culture where they rely on one another when it comes to daily needs. The pastors connect with a small community of people, share the Gospel, and establish a church among the people without the need for a centralized building (although they have those too). These church communities naturally care for the communities they are already imbedded with in the slums, cities, villages or marketplace. The larger churches take on larger needs like starting schools for children which have no access to education and bring those families into the church community. Northland is so blessed to have a partner in Pastor Robert Nabulere, the country director for church planting and development. It is indigenous leaders like him and his network which puts the Gospel into action to establish the church, care for the poor, and transform communities. – Marc McMurrin

Victor gets to know some of the children at Miracle Centre. It was their first time meeting a Ukrainian!  

Pastor Robert's churches have been intentionally connecting with the local police station to support them and disciple them. 

It isn't too often you see the cameraman in front of the camera! (Featured: David Saphirstein)

Encouraging high school students. (Featured from left to right: Marc McMurrin, David Saphirstein, Victor Larionov, Rose Nabulere)

The team with Pastor Robert and Rose. (Featured left to right: Oleg Magdych, Gus Davies, Victor Larionov, David Saphirstein, Robert and Rose Nabulere, Marc McMurrin, Jordan Gritter)

A picture of joy. 

The team! Uganda, Ukraine, USA!