The Transforming Star (February 11-17)

Northland Children's Ministries

Before your family devotional time, be sure you have a heart shape (e.g. cut from paper or craft foam). Hide the Secret Symbol (heart shape) in the Treasure Box.

Begin with The Seven Stars of Lent Introduction Video or read the script below.

Script: “The Seven Stars of Lent remind us of the 40 days before Easter when we join believers all over the world in getting our hearts ready to celebrate Easter. That reminds us of how much God has given up for us and gives us more time to think about who God is and what He has done for us.”

Display the Seven Stars Poster. To prepare their hearts for Easter, many believers will give up a favorite thing or begin a new good habit. Giving up something special or starting a new habit helps our hearts and minds focus on Jesus and what He has done. It’s a symbol of giving our very best to Him who gave His life for us. We know Jesus doesn’t want our things—He wants our hearts.

When we give Him our hearts, the Holy Spirit slowly changes our hearts to be more like Jesus. This week’s star is The Transforming Star.

Child reveals the Secret Symbol (heart shape). This week’s secret symbol is a heart. It stands for the way the Holy Spirit transforms our hearts. That means He changes our hearts to be more and more like Jesus. Let’s pray these words silently in our hearts as we hear them read from the Bible.

Child or parent reads Psalm 51:10 from the Bible.

“Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”

Display the Lent Reminder. Join me in saying our Lent Reminder:

As we sing these words from the Bible, let’s celebrate and thank God for showing His glory, which is His greatness, to others by the transforming of our hearts. Sing Bible Memory Verse Song: “Where the Spirit of the Lord Is” (below) or read 2 Corinthians 3:17b-18.

Additional Activities

Talk About: Discuss what special thing each of you might give up or what new habit you might start during Lent. Pray about your commitment and decide on a way you can encourage each other.

Activity: Create your own Origami Heart.


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