The Picnic Project Podcast and Intern Prayer

Last weekend Chad Turnbull shared the story of The Picnic Project that he heard in a podcast from the New Activisit. We also heard Pete Geiger read a poem written by one of our interns, James Collingsworth. Both the podcast and the poem are embedded below.



Untitled, by James Collingsworth

My God, my Lord, I cry out to You but You do not answer.

My heart longs for You but I find no rest.
My soul seeks You but cannot find.
In the darkness I tremble, for You are not here.
In the deserts I thirst but find no drink. Where are You, my God?

For years I delighted in the pastures that You control.
Without fear of the wolves, I grazed and became filled.
I wandered from blade to blade, being nourished.
You held me during the nights, 
You comforted me during the storms, 
always protecting me. 

I became full and courageous, forgetting Your embrace, 
living to impress the flock.
I strayed from Your over flowing meadows.
I wandered fearlessly at first, 
but soon entered the cliffs and deserts that I fear.
I feel You will never return. My shepherd, will You return?

Slowly and quietly, I hear an approach, a noise, a song. 
A song that only You would sing. One of great beauty and love. 
In it, I delight, ready to see my Shepherd once more.