The Music Box at Northland

Eleanor Tracey


Northland is now partnering with The Music Box
to offer musical instruction to the Longwood community!

It has always been our desire at Northland to encourage young artists to develop their gifts, grow in their faith, and engage in God’s story. The Music Box was created out of the love of music and the desire to grow, inspire, encourage, and develop aspiring artists and performers in their God-given talent. We are excited about this partnership!

Private lessons in PIANO, GUITAR, VOICE, and DRUMS will now be offered on Wednesday afternoons and evenings. Group lessons will be offered shortly!

Registration is NOW OPEN!! To register for music lessons at Northland, contact The Music Box: or 407-505-1611. For pricing information and program descriptions, go to


NOT AN ARTIST? Here are two ways to get involved.

  1. Some families in the Longwood community are unable to afford private or group lessons. If you would like to CONTRIBUTE toward scholarships, please contact

  2. PRAY for the students and families to sense God’s love here. Pray the students will grow in their faith as they develop relationships with their teachers and one another. Pray that those who do not attend church would feel welcome at Northland. Pray that God would use these young artists to build His kingdom.