The Link in The Rink

Pastor Jeremy Jobson

Care and student ministries work hand in hand

Our Care Center and the incredible youth ministries of Northland intersect in so many ways. First, and maybe most obvious, “The Rink” is the fan favorite name used for all things housed within the original Northland building. This includes the newly renovated and expanded Care Center end of that building, closest to Dog Track Road. The overhanging portico creates an obvious entrance for all things Care Center as well as many of our local missions teams, including Disaster Response and 121Hope, among others.

The Care Center ministries collaboratively work together to impact the lives of all who enter: moms and their kids through LifeHope Childcare; people caught in a tough spot financially through LifeHope benevolence; people working through their past and present struggles spiritually and relationally through pastoral care and counseling; people seeking freedom from their hurts, habits and hang-ups through a myriad of amazing healing and recovery ministries; and the beautiful people who are part of Access Ministries, loving and being loved by individuals with disabilities and their families.

This work happens all across the Rink space, which also houses all our 6th- to 12th-graders throughout the week. Watching an old, deteriorating building be used by God to bring forth life, transformation and hope is an incredible honor I get to see most days. Feel free to come by to learn who does what, where, when, with whom and why, and meet the amazing staff, advocates and volunteers – maybe you can be part of it with us!

A second and less noticeable way that youth ministry and the Care Center intersect is a result of the overlapping, intentional, collaborative, holistic work we seek to be part of with our participants. Some of them are youths themselves; many others are the families being cared for here who have youths under their roofs.

A third and even lesser-known way that the Northland youth ministry and Care Center family of ministries are interconnected is through the person, passion and work of Jamila Millette. Jamila is the youth and family counselor, a licensed mental health counselor, the outreach champion with ministries including Lip Sync Battle, and part of Open Floor (open mic for performing arts), multiple high schools’ on-campus efforts, and work with youthful offenders and youths on probation.

“I get to walk with young people and their families through various challenging parts of their life journey,” said Jamila. “It is an honor, a joy and a unique privilege.”

Jamila and I have talked about the ways in which we do similar things from different angles, pastoral care and counseling in the Care Center and her pastoral care and counseling of youths, their families and friends in the surrounding communities.

Transformed lives is both our goals – people who were once lost now experiencing being found, those half asleep now living fully alive in their marriages, homes, schools, communities, jobs and so on. We are both honored to be part of what God is up to through the power of the Holy Spirit at Northland, throughout The Rink in Student Ministries and the Care Center family of ministries!